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Kimono Fan created by upcycling Japanese Vintage Silk Kimono. Created by craftsmen in Kyoto. -one of a kind -unique gift

Kimono fans are made by upcycling the fabric of kimono, a traditional Japanese folk costume. Each fan is hand-made by craftsmen in Kyoto. They are popular because they make the place gorgeous whether you carry them around or display them at home. It is also recommended as a gift.

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Kimono fans made from vintage kimono

All of AKIAKURA's kimono fans are made from vintage kimono fabrics that are no longer used as kimonos.All kimonos produced by Japanese craftsmen are beautiful, valuable, and luxurious. Until a few decades ago, the kimono was the national costume of the Japanese people and was worn and loved on a daily basis. However, in modern times, lifestyles have changed and many Japanese people no longer have the opportunity to wear kimonos. The kimono fan is a way to enjoy the beauty of the kimono on a daily basis even in the modern age by tailoring the kimono into a fan instead of just letting it lie around.

Originally, kimonos were washed and re-tailored many times before being worn, and when they could no longer be used as kimonos, they were remade into play clothes for children. Kimonos were then remade into children's play clothes, and eventually used as baby diapers, rags, and geta (Japanese sandals). AKIZAKURA is a modern take on this idea.

We cannot make a large number of fans with the same pattern because we make them from vintage kimono. We can only make 10 fans with the same pattern at most, and depending on the pattern of the kimono, we may only be able to make one or two.


Each fan is hand-made by craftsmen in Kyoto.

All of AKIZAKURA's kimono fans are hand-made by fan craftsmen in Kyoto. Because they are made by craftsmen who have been making fans for many years, the fans are not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting.
It also comes with a fan bag made of the same kimono fabric.


Material: Silk (repurposed vintage kimono fabric), Japanese bamboo
Size: approx.21cm(8.3inch) across when close
  approx.39cm(15.4inch) across when open
Package dimensions: 250mm(9.8inch) × 45mm(1.8inch) × 20mm(0.8inch)
Item Weight: 75g

*There may be some stains, because we made with repurposed kimono fabric. Please note on your purchase.
*The fan stand shown in the photo is not included.
*Please feel free to message me with any questions or to customize your order!

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shipping method: EMS. (with tracking service)
shipping time: EMS 2-7days (It is taking longer than usual to arrive due to COVID-19.)
Please note that buyers are responsible for any and all duty and customs charges that may be incurred.

*Our store ships worldwide.
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▼Gift wrapping service available
We can provide a simple gift wrapping bag. Please let us know if you would like it.