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Red flower Japanese Kimono Obi clutch Bag - Upcycled Vintage Silk Obi -one of a kind -unique gift | handmade by creators

This clutch bag is made from the fabric of kimono, a traditional Japanese folk costume. Each one is hand-made by the creators. The envelope-shaped design allows you to carry a laptop of about A4 size to a wallet in different sizes.

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Kimono clutch bag to decorate your daily life in style

This is a clutch bag that can be used for both daily use and parties. The envelope-shaped design allows you to carry an A4 size laptop. The ribbon on the part where you put your hand in and carry it can be moved to an ennui atmosphere. The material of the main body is a durable kimono belt, which makes it easy to carry.



The material of the ribbon part is also very important.

The ribbons are made of kimono cloth.

In modern Japan, there are far fewer occasions to wear kimonos than in the past, and almost no one wears kimonos anymore.

Instead of saying good-bye to these kimonos, we want to incorporate them into our lives, even if only a little, so we revive old kimono cloth and reuse them.

I am making these items with the hope that we will cherish the cloth that good old craftsmen created by hand one by one.



I want to do what I can only do with my own hands.

As much as possible, I would like to create things that I can create with my own hands, using the warmth of human hands in the form of handicrafts, and deliver them to customers. We believe that this is the moment when the heart moves between people.

It is important to us that our products are beautiful no matter where they are viewed, and that they shine like a work of art. Whether it's from behind or from the side, we make sure that your brilliance remains intact, even if it's not visible from the outside. We believe that the time we spend for this is the real value of our products, and we promise you that value.

Size: 28 cm (width), 38 cm (length) (20 cm when folded) [Material: Obi, kimono cloth


Please note that the patterns may differ slightly from those in the sample photos because they are made by hand from vintage kimono.