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7mm ultra-thin, ultra-light, ultra slim “Short-version long wallet”! Cool and Stylish men wallet (Limited 90pcs for sale)

7mm ultra thin, 80g ultra light, The “Short-ver. Long wallet” made by 100% high-grade cow leather with shinny surface. The wallets are handmade by new generation professional leather craftsman in Japan. This 100% luxurious wallet let user enjoy special convenient new design daily. The product is very popular in Japan, and make their first time sale for international market (only 90pcs limited)

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*This item only shipped to Malaysia and Singapore. Any order outside those countries might be canceled without notification.

Make the long wallet shorter! 

Have you ever felt uncomfortable when you put your wallet in the back pocket? The wallet is always longer than the pocket size. To fix the problem, this wallet design is shorter than normal long wallet for about 10~20mm, the total length is 180mm.No need to fold the wallet or money note, but it still fits the back pocket! 

(▲Picture: Left-“Short-version Long wallet” in back pocket; Right-Normal long wallet in back pocket)

7mm ultra thin 

Even after you put in all the money notes, credit cards and receipts, the thickness of the wallet would be only about 15mm! What a big surprise to have an ultra-thin and stylish wallet! 

Breaking through design! No need to open the wallet? 

Don’t think about open this wallet, because there is no closure. No fold, no closure, but even if you turn the wallet upside down, the money note, cards inside will not fall out. How a smart design it is! Save your time for opening the wallet when pay the bill. You  will have a new experience about wallet. 

The wallet has plenty of space for cash and cards, at the same time smart design. It is a smart design balance with volume and security. 

Two layers design - a very convenient and practical design 

The first layer is for money note. It is big enough for 10 money notes, putting them in and out smoothly. 

Another layer is mainly for cards, there are 3 card slots in this layer. 

Made of Italian high-grade cow leather 

Both the exterior and interior of the wallet made of 100% Italian cow wallet – “DOUGLAS”, which is a brand leather tanned by MONTANA Company in Tuscany, Italy. This high-class texture and quality is certified by world. The tanning process does not use any chemicals but uses natural trees and plenty of time to complete the process. The longer time you use the leather wallet, the better leather wallet looks. This leather wallet is well-known for durable and look good over time.

Care in every detail, including the sewing threads and leather edges

Used well known French “FIL AU CHINOIS” sewing threads. Even the finish of the leather edges is so detailed, the craftsman repeats uncountable times of sanding, coating, burnishing and buffing. There is no magic, but only hard work to repeat patiently until the perfect work done.

Made by he New Generation Japanese Craftsman / Yuji Ieda

Yuji Ieda is one of the seldom young craftsmen in Japan, who is professional in leather goods. Every piece of his work is a hand-made luxury. He does not even use sewing machine, but thread and needle by hand. Every step is really “by hand”, and the highest quality final product really shows the differences. 

(▲Picture: Left- The stitching by hand of this product; Right-The stitching by sewing machine. You can clear see the stitching by hand sewing is stronger and the lines are neater and more beautiful.) 

All wallets are hand made by the craftsman, the quantity of production is limited. Please understand the product will be made after order is placed. The product will be shipped 2 months after the purchase. 

Size: Width 100mm× Length 180mm× Height 7mm 
Weigh: Approx. 80g 

Exterior: Vachetta Leather (100% Tunning)
Interior: Vachetta Leather (100% Turnning) 

Color: Black 

Details: 1 bill compartment,3 credit card slots, 1 pocket(for receipts or etc)

*This item only shipped to Malaysia and Singapore. Any order outside those countries might be canceled without notification.