Term of Use

Term of Use

This term of use is applied to all use of this service, its purpose to set up the terms and conditions of using the services for for Fun Japan Communications Co., Ltd, (hereafter referred to as “the Company”) and the users who access the website or / and purchase (hereafter referred to as “the User”).

Please read the terms of use completely and agree the terms before using the service. This term of use , regardless of if entire clauses or parts of said clauses become void due to changes in laws, will have the remaining clauses and/or parts of clauses remain active and valid.

User account registration

The User is required to register a member account when make a purchase through the service, , registration is complete, By registering as member by the User, and approving of the Company, the terms of use is applied.The Company reserves the right to decline use of the service under the circumstances listed below.The Company does not have to notify the User of the reason for the decline. Furthermore, the User is unable to protest or object the decision made by the Company.

  • If the User does not actually exist
  • If the company cannot contact the User through their registered address, phone number, email address etc.
  • If the Company has determined that all or parts of information given during registration is falsified or fake
  • If the User has done something which breaches the terms of use and had been stopped by using the service by the Company. ,
  • Any other reason the Company find the User behave unsuitable

This service is only available to people living in Asian coutntries.User’s under the age of 20 must acquire permission from a parent or guardian prior to registering for this service.

Product Purchasing

The User is able to purchase products from product’s page. During the act of purchasing, there is a requirement to login to the service with authentication.Information regarding the specific product will be listed on the product’s page, so please read the information carefully prior to making a purchase. Furthermore, once the procedure for a purchase has been completed, a confirmation email will be sent to the User’s registered email address.Payment for the product will be made during checkout for the product, and the price will include both tax as well as shipping fees. Once the User has completed their payment to the Company, it means they will be seen to have paid the fee for the product to the Seller.

Relationship between the Company, the User, and the Seller

The Company is offering this EC service as a “location” for the Seller to sell products to the User. Upon purchasing an item, a contract of sale is formed between the Seller as the vendor and the User as the buyer. The Company will accept the payment from the User but will not form any contract of sale with the User. The Seller will undertake all responsibilities for product completion, delivery, quality, refunds as well as anything else relating to the product and the contract of sale with the User, the Company will not have any involvement nor responsibility in these matters.

Entrusting of Payment Procedures

The Company will entrust the infrastructure for payment procedures for this service to Relic Co., Ltd, (hereafter referred to as “Relic”). The Company will entrust and share payment related information such as credit card information (Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, Security Code etc.) to our payment agent Stripe (https://stripe.com/jp). The Company will follow the rules and regulations of the “Use of Personal Information” and use the credit card information of the User appropriately. The User agrees that all information regarding payments can be shared with these payment companies. The credit card information that the User provided will be retained by the agent company. Both the Company and Relic will not save this information. The User’s credit card information displayed on the credit card information confirmation / edit page is directly embed from the payment agent company’s system.

Product Returns & Cancellations

If a product the User has purchased is damaged or faulty, the User , understanding that they will pay the shipping fee to Japan, will be able to return the product within 7 days of it arriving to the User. Once the product has been arrived in Japan, the Seller will inspect the product, and after damage or a fault is found, will return both the price of the product as well as the shipping fee to the User’s registered bank account. Furthermore, cancellations of orders can only be made prior to the product being shipped by the Seller, a cancellation cannot be made if the product has already been shipped In the case you wish to make a return or cancel an order, please use the contact form provided.

Product Arrival

The time needed for a product to be sent will be displayed on the product page, please check details on the page.


If the User wishes to unsubscribe from the service, they must contact the Company using the “Contact” email (support-my@fun-japan.jp) to start the procedure, after the Company has completed the procedure, the User will be considered unsubscribed from the service.The Company will, even after the User has unsubscribed from the service, lawfully store all information with regards to the User and their purchases.

  1. The purchase you wish to cancel is for an All or Nothing Project;
  2. The Project’s goal has not been fulfilled at the time of cancellation;
  3. There are over eight days remaining until the project’s funding deadline at the time of cancellation. * Please confirm on the Project Page for the remaining time left on a Project.

User Support

For all inquiries regarding the service, the Company will accept through the service’s “contact” email (support-my@fun-japan.jp). In regard to answers, and further inquiries, they will all be carried out using the same email address. The Company does not support contacting via telephone.The Company will not support any request of management of authentication or subscription, due to personal information protection policy. As the Company using an encryption system for password management, even if the inquiry is from the User’s account holder, the Company will not answer any questions regarding passwords. If the User has forgotten password, please click the “Forgot password” button located underneath the “login” button, it will then be redirected to set a new password for user’s account. Please follow the instructions given on the screen. The Company takes no responsibilities for multiple emails, delays, text corruption due to encoding etc. to the User. Furthermore, if the User has deleted an email sent by the Company, the Company will not resend the email.

Management of Authentication Information

The User has all responsibilities for the management of their own authorization information. All actions with regards to this service using the User’s authorization information will be regarded as the User without checking if it is or not. We cannot guarantee security or service quality for Users using the same information connecting from multiple or the same device(s).

Registration Information

The Company will, with regards to personal information, follow the rules and regulations stated in the “Use of Personal Information” document. Registered information will be deleted if the User unsubscribes from the service or if the service is stopped by the Company.Under the circumstance that the User has changed registered information, the latest information need to be provided as soon as possible with suitable method If the User fails to update the information stated in the previous paragraph and has directly or indirectly experienced some sort of loss due to this, the Company will take no responsibilities .


The Company will not recognize the User transferring the rights or obligations to any third party, nor will they recognize any sort of collateral.The User will not perform any of the following actions whilst using this service.

  • Any act that could or would infringe on the Company or another user’s rights
  • Any act of slander or discrimination towards another, or anything that would damage the trust or honor of another member
  • Using this service impersonating as a third party
  • Any and all type of uses that involves business activities with the goal of making money
  • Any act of fraud or other criminal activity
  • Any activities of lending, re-selling, or re-distributing using this service without prior acknowledgement from the Company
  • Any act of gathering personal information without prior acknowledgement from the person in question
  • Any kind of act that would cause a hindrance to another parties equipment for using this service (transmission equipment, communication line, computer, or any other electrical device or software)
  • Any act that directly impacts the service by inducing bugs or flaws with the thought of fraudulent use
  • Any other act that is deemed irregular for this service

The user is unable to use this service, all of its contents, regardless of if it is all or parts, for the purpose of making money. (Use, copying, reproduction, accumulation, selling, re-selling and anything similar).

The Company’s Intellectual Property Rights

The intellectual property rights of this service and its contents etc. belong to the Company, the Seller, and any other justifiable 3rd party.The User, through a document provided by the Company or the Seller, understands and accepts that they do not have the write to duplicate, copy, publicize, send, distribute, transfer, loan, translate, adapt, give usage consent, reprint, or re-use parts or all of the service.If the User is seen to be in violation of the previous paragraph, the User understands and agrees that the Company has the rights to stop the actions in violation of the previous paragraph and fine the User a fee.

Termination of use

If the User is found to be in violation of any of the points found below, the Company, without prior notice, reserves the right to stop the service of the User and forcefully unsubscribe them from this service (hereafter stated as “Action for stoppage of use”).

  • If the Company has received any kind of claim due to the actions of the User or any other action the Company deems justifiable
  • If the Company cannot contact the User via Phone, FAX, or email etc.
  • If the item sent to the User was returned by the post office
  • If payment is not made or errors
  • If the User performs any action within the prohibitions section, or performs an action the Company deems justifiable
  • If the User does anything that violated the previous statements or the terms of use , and does not perform the adequate corrections reported by the Company within the allotted time frame
  • If the User has not used the service for a set period of time
  • Any other reason the Company deems justifiable to stop the use of a User

Furthermore, the Company will not accept any questions or objections in regard to the stoppage of use of the User.If the User is found to have breached any of the Action for stoppage of use points, their rights to the service will be immediately removed and any damages to the service or the Company will be charged to the User.The Company reserves the right to request payment for any damages due to the User coming under any of the points stated in the prohibitions or stoppage of use section if any damages are caused to the service or Company.The Company has no responsibility if the User who has been found in violation of the actions for stoppage of use receives any kind of losses.

Change / Temporary Termination of Service etc.

The Company reserves the right to, without giving prior to notice to the User, change, pause, or stop completely, any or all parts relating to the service. This also includes causes such as system errors and complete system failure.

Disclaimer & Compensation

Information regarding products, listings, and personal information from Sellers (hereafter stated as “Project outline etc.”) will have all responsibility put onto the User directly. The Company will not guarantee or manage the accuracy, truth, usefulness, trust, legality, or if the information/product will infringe on the rights of a third party for the project outline.If the User, whilst using this service, gets into a dispute with a third party, they will shoulder all responsibility and fees themselves when solving the dispute.If the User, when using this service, incurs any kind of damage to the Company, the Company reserves the right to request funds from the User.The Company will, when offering this service, compensate the User if the User incurs any damages due to a fault of the Company, take full responsibility and reimburse the User.

Terms of Use Changes

The User agrees that the Company can, if deemed necessary, add, change, or delete parts of the terms of use (stated as “changes” below) without giving prior notice or receiving recognition from the User.The Company, will, in regard to the previous paragraph, use a method deemed fit to notify users of the change to the use agreement or service through things such as email. However, if the Company decides that the changes are small and mostly insignificant, and that they do not directly affect the User, then no prior notification will be given. The outline of the changed terms of use, excepting cases where the Company establishes it separately, will be active from the moment notice has been given on the service or through email.

Applicable Law & Agreement Jurisdiction

In the case that a lawsuit is required between the Company and the User due to the rules and regulations, the first hearing will be had at Tokyo District Court. Furthermore, the terms of use act under the laws of Japan.